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Alexandria past and present

Al Montazah Palace

Alexandria. built by Alexander The Great in 323 B.C. and known as one of the most ancient cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Soon thereafter, by 200 B.C Alexandria was set-off to be recognized as one of the greatest civilizations in the world; a hub for the arts and sciences of the ancient world.

Library of Alexandria

Over the ages, Alexandria absorbed various cultures, to become a melting pot for different races and religions, all united in their love for this captivating city. With this spirit, Alexandria grew to become a center of creativity and invention.

Stanley Bridge

Today, after long years of negligence, we took the responsibility of reviving its faded luster and splendor, so that it becomes, once again, a symbol of culture, refinement and beauty.

The Corniche before San Stefano

Alexandria. The Light House. the most outstanding of Alexander the Great achievements.. the city that preserved its natural charm over the ages. History holds witness and renews this promise.

The Corniche after San Stefano

The New Vs. The Old:

The 21st century is filled with promise. Daily needs and aspirations are evolving and progressing, while history is being made. Luxury is infringing upon necessity, becoming more accessible, and more indispensable. In accordance with the changing times, we position ourselves and our dream. . “San Stefano.” Grand Plaza This awe-inspiring project includes every conceivable modern privilege: from a five star Four Seasons hotel and shopping mall, luxury residential units and commercial facilities.

If we go back in time to San Stefano’s days of glamour and glory, we won’t find a more eloquent way to describe this place than by quoting E.M. Forster. Famous words:

Set on the Alexandrian Riviera and belonging to the traditions of Grand Hotels, the San Stefano hotel is one of Egypt’s oldest establishments of hospitality and recreation.

Its history dating back to 1854 when the wealthy Greek first count (Etienne) Zizinia an entrepreneur and confident of Egypt’s Wali Mohamed Ali was the first European settler in Ramleh. Ali Pasha Mobarak accounts in his famous descriptive history “El Khetat El Tewfikieh El Guididah” that Zizinia had bought land in Ramleh from the Bedouin Abou Shaal family, to build his Ramleh residence and a private chapel St. Stephane, after which the district and its station were named.

The khedieval concessions of the 1860’s first to Mr. Firman and later to the Société de Chemin de Fer de Ramleh were in the aim to encourage the inhabitants of Alexandria to visit and settle in Ramleh. The same company encouraged by Ramleh’s resort potentials sponsored the development of the Ramleh Casino and Hotel (also known as the San Stefano Hotel)

The original design is attributed to the architect Bogos Nubar, while the supervision of the execution works were entrusted to Mr. K. Merametdjian of the Ecole de Beaux-Art of Paris, the hotel was inaugurated by Khedieve Tewfick on June 26, 1887.

San Stefano set on 31000 sq. meters of prime real estate land and overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The lattice wooden shaded verandas, music kiosk and segregated bathing pre-corniche facilities, together with its back gardens and tennis courts offered much of the desired summer sport facilities and ambience for social events

Conrad Hotel Scene

Conrad Hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Cairo.

Another pyramids scene

Wondeful pic! Pyramids, Camel, Sunset .. so great.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Sun rise, Sun set, Nile

Sunrise, a scene from the Nile for Sunrise! wonderful.


Egypt in the history.. 100's years ago

This paint is wondefull, it looks like Egypt from more than 200 years ago.

Railway Station .. Cairo

In Egypt, Cairo you may visit the Railway station if you will go to any other city rather than cairo. From Cairo Railway Station you can take the train to Alexandria, Tanta, and Upper Egypt cities (Luxor, Aswan).

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Closer to the pyramids, very big stones used to build it.

To see pyramids, you should go with Camels, it will ne a wonderful trial :D

Pyramids, the think which you must see!

Another wonderful scene for the green cairo

Another wonderful scene for cairo showing Gizira and football club.

Pyramids at night!

The Pyramids and Sphinx at the night, wonderful lights spot on, on the same time a man speaking with all spoken languages start to tell the story of Ancient Egyptian. This known as "Sound & Light". Don't miss this program if you visit Cairo, arrange with your hotel to reserve for you.

Egyptian Museum

The present Egyptian Museum was designed in 1896 by the French Architect Marcel Dourgnon in the neo-classic style that suits the ancient and classical monuments, but does not compete with the still standing ancient Egyptian architecture.

The inside galleries are spacious and the walls are high. Natural light comes from the diffused glass panels on the ceiling and from the windows of the first floor. The middle atrium is the highest part of the museum where the monuments were installed as in ancient Egyptian temples. The T-shaped plan of the building took into consideration any future enlargement and met the requirements of an easy flow of visitors from one gallery to another.

The artifacts are distributed in two main floors. The lower one contains the heavy monuments such as stone sarcophagi, statues, stelae, and wall reliefs. The upper floor contains the thematic exhibits: manuscripts, statues of deities, royal mummies, objects of daily life, mummy portraits, unfinished sculptures, Greco-Roman statuettes and vases, and artifacts of the afterlife, among others.

For more information, visit eternalegypt

English to Pharonic Translator

English to Pharonic Translator

you can write your name in English and get the equivalent Pharonic name. Tourists like it too much and many of them buy a jewels with their pharonic names :).

Cairo, The green side :)

A pic tacked from the cairo tower show a little green parts in Zamalek.

Egypt Map

The location of Egypt On the map.

Mohammed Ali Mosque In Cairo

Mohamed Ali Mosque is on of the most famous places in cairo. This mosque is too old. It is a nice place to visit when you come to Cairo ;)

Cairo, the city of millions. This pic for the city center and the Nile. You can see also the Cairo Tower.

See Egypt

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